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A Comprehensive Injury Lawyer

Getting compensation for an injury can be a complicated and long process. With our exceptional skills and knowledge, Bruce A. Dybens. in Long Beach, California, can guide you through insurance laws and procedures.


Get the Compensation That You Deserve

We may be able to help if you find yourself injured from an automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle accident or even from a slip or fall on someone else's property. There is a limited amount of time in which you can file a personal injury lawsuit, so it's best to contact a professional injury lawyer like Bruce A. Dybens right away.

Hire a Professional Product Liability Attorney

Bruce A. Dybens also skillfully handles product liability cases. If you had an issue with a product that has injured you, hasn't performed correctly, or has done harm to you or your property — give us a call. A big company might have several lawyers at their disposal. You should put an experienced attorney on your side too.